Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hello 2012!

It has been a busy holiday season for me, both at the photography studio I work at and at home on my computer. If you haven’t picked up The Mice Templar Vol. III #6, then you missed the end page announcement of me taking over coloring duties for issues 7 and 8!

Bryan J.L. Glass, the co-creator and writer of this fantastic book, asked me to do a few color samples for him early October of last year. After showing my work to Mike Oeming (co-creator and original artist), Victor Santos (current artist) and Veronica Gandini (departing colorist), I was offered the position of colorist for issues 7 and 8 on my birthday!

As my first official ‘foot in the door’ gig into the comic book industry, I was a bit nervous and anxious. Though I am a penciler at heart, I have worked with color throughout my life in a variety of mediums. Digital coloring is really no different than working with colors in traditional mediums, it takes practice and patience. I’ve had a lot of resources made available to me during my college years when I was first introduced to computers and programs like Adobe Photoshop. There are a lot of techniques available online and it’s all about finding what works for you and getting into that artistic zone where everything around you is just an afterthought, like say for example cooking pasta.

What also continues to make this an awesome project to work on is the great feedback I get from Bryan and Victor when I send them proofs of the pages I’ve colored.  I always know when I’ve done a good job when one of my pages ends up on Bryan J.L. Glass’ Facebook page with praise!

In other news, I will be making my second appearance at this year’s C2E2 in Artist’s Alley! I am extremely excited that they asked me to come back again this year! Hopefully after I finish up with The Mice Templar Vol.III #8, I will have time to get prepped for the show in April.

More details on C2E2 to come! Now back to coloring!