Thursday, October 16, 2008

Keeping Wisdom Teeth: Not so Wise

So, after having some seriously impacted wisdom teeth for about six years, they finally got badly infected last week. Up until now I have just not had the means to get them taken out. And since I have also had an allergic reaction to almost every anti-biotic I'd ever been treated with, I've just always been in the habit of making sure the area around my wisdom teeth were kept immaculately clean. And if they ever felt sore and I expected an infection I would wash my mouth out with some good whiskey (anything 56% alcohol by volume and didn't taste terrible) until they got better. But alas that could not work forever. The infection this time traveled to my jaw before I could get a handle on it. When I went to the dentist he said that considering the extent of the infection, and my allergies to anti-biotics, that I needed to remove the wisdom teeth as soon as possible. With the help and support of Jeff (the most wonderful-est person in the whole wide world! EVAR!!!) we where able to scrape together enough to proceed with the removal. And, of course, Jeff couldn't help but take this snapshot of me post-op. Enjoy!