Friday, March 2, 2012

Where did February go?

‘THE DREAM OF A MIDWINTER’S NIGHT’ The stunning double-size finale of the penultimate arc! Karic has lain comatose for an entire season?yet the realm of dreams is a portal to the Outer Darkness where Donas rules. Cut off from the physical world, Karic wages a desperate battle for his very soul against overwhelming forces of ancient evil. Meanwhile, the druids confront the Readers of the Wheat, and the priesthood doesn’t stand a chance against the dark powers of Black Anaius, the fearsome druid-witch of Kildre Hill!

2 weeks ago, I pulled off the impossible of coloring 16 pages in a week with the total page count being 36 for the double-sized epic conclusion to The Mice Templar Vol.III A Midwinter Night's Dream! The deadline was so that the comic would be printed in time for Image Expo at which Image Comics would be celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary.

It was a long week, pulling all-nighters, but the reward of seeing the issue finally in print was worth the loss of sleep. Besides, I knew that once I finished that final upload and emailed the last page to Bryan, I would have a sleeping well the next few nights.

Mice Templar Vol.III #8 hits the shelves of comic book stores nation wide next week on New Comic Book Day!

I'll be taking a brief break from coloring the Mice Templar until the hardcover and trade paperback graphic novels go into production. Until then, I'll be working on various commissions and prepping for my return to Artist Alley at this year's C2E2.

May the Great Dimmed Eye of Wotan watch over us til next we meet!